Info for Porch Hosts

Want to host a performer?

All you need is a space in the front of your home that can safely hold musical guests and a space to the sidewalk for the audience without blocking the street or putting anyone in danger in any way.

We also ask that you do all of the following:

- Know that porch hosts are entirely responsible for the show(s) they are hosting.

- Each musical act gets 60 minutes max. so that one porch doesn't dominate the block.

- You must secure the musicians (either on your own, with the Facebook connector group, or with a little help from us) and introduce yourself right away so they know where they are playing for the event. Please get their contact info and give them yours as well.

- Get the rights/permission to use a porch if you are renting (absolutely must do this).

- Connect with the musician(s) by September 10th and work out all logistics (including electrical outlets, instrument set up, use of bathrooms, water, securing pets…) clearly and respectfully so that everyone is on the same page the day of the event and there are no surprises for the performers.

- Let all of your neighbors know you are hosting and what to expect.

- Create a safe and welcoming space for performers and guests.

- Get permission from performers before posting any photos/video on your social media.

Please Note:

*Porch hosts must be comfortable with every aspect of hosting a show and being a good neighbor.

*Performances must be visible from the front of the house and as accessbile as possible for those with mobility issues.

*No backyards.

*You do not need to set up chairs, especially if you are limited on space.

*Please also be respectful of your performer's personal COVID requirements, as they also need to respect yours.

And don't forget: It's ok for performers to leave out a tip jar!