What is Mount Airy Porchfest?

Porchfest is an entirely volunteer-led music festival that brings the local community together to stroll the neighborhood and experience all kinds of musical acts. There are more than 125 other Porchfests across North America and 2024 marks the third annual Porchfest in Mt. Airy! We’re just getting started on this journey, we hope you enjoy it! 

Who is organizing Mount Airy Porchfest?

Some of your music-loving Mt. Airy neighbors who thought a Porchfest would be a fun way to bring local music to the community. 

When is it?

Saturday, September 14, 2024, 1:00-7:00 pm. Rain or shine!

Is there a rain date?

Nope. 🙂

What kind of music will we hear?

As varied as possible! All genres of music, all levels of experience, and all types of musical acts are welcome as long as they are suitable for everyone. We just ask that if you are amplified to keep the volume on the low side out of respect for other performers and sleeping babies. 

Is there a cost to attend? A cost to perform?

Nope! This is an entirely free event all around and no one is being charged for anything. Musicians are welcome to put out a tip jar though. The organizers will gladly accept donations since all costs to put on this event are being covered by the organizers personally. All donations will go to cover the cost of flyers, posters, shirts, and the website for Porchfest. 

Can I host?

You betcha! All you need is a space in the front of your home that can safely hold musical guests and a space to the sidewalk that can safely contain walk up guests without blocking the street or putting anyone in danger in any way.


We also ask that you get the rights/permission to use a porch. Porch hosts are entirely responsible for the show(s) they are hosting. This means that you must secure the musicians (either on your own, with the Facebook connector group, or with a little help from us), connect with the musicians prior to the event to work out all logistics (including electrical outlets, use of bathrooms, securing pets…), register the acts with us, let your neighbors know this is happening, create a safe space for performers and guests. Porch hosts must be comfortable with every aspect of hosting a show and being a good neighbor.

For more info. and the Host Sign Up form, visit the Porch Hosts page.

Do I need to be available the whole time (1-7pm) if I want to host?

Nope! We only ask that you are available for as long as your musical act plays (max. 1 hour), plus set up and clean up time. Please work out the set-up time together with your performer.

Can I host more than one performer?

Yes, but please coordinate with your neighbors so that acts don't compete or play over each other.

How can I be a performer?

Have a great musical skill or are part of an awesome group and you wish to volunteer your talents? Please go to the Musicans tab for all of the details.  Contact us at mtairyporchfest@gmail.com with any questions you may have. 

Can performers leave out tip jars?

Yes! This is a free event, but a tip jar for the musicians in a visible spot is encouraged. 

Are bathrooms and food available during this event?

So sorry, we are unable to provide those things this year. We are keeping it as simple as possible. 

Can I close off my street for a block party while hosting?

That is between you, your neighbors, and the Streets Department. You must get a permit to close off your street in advance; here is the link: 


Additionally, if you do close off your street make sure there is ample space for the general public to come by and enjoy the musical acts.

How do I volunteer before/during/after?

We always need volunteers! Please sign up using our Volunteer Form or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteermtairyporchfest@gmail.com.