Info for Performers

Want to perform your beautiful music?

Everyone is welcome to perform regardless of age or musicial ability. This is a community event for all!

We just ask:

- That performances are suitable for all audiences.

- Your performance is 60 minutes max. (so that one porch doesn't dominate the block).

- That you are free on September 18th for most of the 12-6pm window (timeslots will follow after registration closes on 9/4) and also before 9/10 to meet with your porch host and go over logistics.

- If you are amplified, to keep the volume low out of respect for fellow performers nearby and neighbors (not everyone's into Porchfest).

- If you need to find a porch host, either email us at or go to our Facebook Connector page and post a little something about yourself or your band.

- That you provide us with a 2 sentence bio by 9/10 for the final event map.

- That you communicate clearly and respectfully with your porch hosts about everything you need before/during/and after your performances so everything stays on good terms.

- That you email us with contact information so we can get in touch with you ASAP if needed.

- That you reach out to us immediately with any problems or concerns regarding your hosting site at

*We are asking all porch hosts to provide you with electrical outlets, bathroom access, water, securing of pets, and a safe and welcoming environment in the front of their home. Please also be respectful of your host's personal COVID requirements, as they also need to respect yours. Please go to the Hosts tab for more information*

And don't forget: It's ok for performers to leave out a tip jar!